Las canciones viejas te ponen una sonrisa nueva.
Las canciones viejas te ponen una sonrisa nueva.

A rare photograph of Daniel Kleboid taken hours before he shot up Sandy Hook Elementary 



without marks

total babes

Hi I’m depression. I’m going to take over your life, break your friendships, distance you from your family, make you hate yourself, turn your world black, make you wish you were dead, bring you scars, cause you pain, make you feel worthless, take away all your hope, destroy even the idea of happiness, force you to push away everyone you’ve ever loved, make you go insane, eat away at you until there’s nothing left but the darkness inside your head. Oh, and remember: you can try to get away, you can run till your feet ache and your legs fall out from beneath you, but I will always catch up. There is no escape.


teacher: you’re 5 minutes late


quityour-bitching:I’ve never seen this one of Kevin..


"guys are always hitting on me its SO annoying" 


eh whatever it’ll be fine me right before making a horrible decision (via askinnyblackman)